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My interest in computer games and storytelling developed from a very early age. The first console was the Nintendo 64; gaming has always been a strong element of my recreational life. During my adolescent years at Denstone College, I was lucky enough to meet like-minded friends who shared my passion for exploring virtual worlds, engaging gameplay, and immersive narrative. The time at which it turned from recreation to interest can be traced back to the singular moment of using Warcraft III’s inbuilt world editor, where mechanics and the construction of the virtual environment gave new depth, meaning, and appreciation to games.

Following this path, I have become a graduate of Games Design with Creative Writing of Brunel University. After which I obtained an MSc in Computer Games and Entertainment at Goldsmiths College, University of London, which helped me along the path of understanding the technical concepts of the development process. Along the way I have learnt a lot about the industry and the skills I need to acquire in order to be part of this exclusive industry, and educate myself further. I have been employed at 5th Planet Games for the last five years as a Game Designer, during which I have gathered an intangible wealth of experience and perspective. I'm lucky to have been mentored by extremely talented and respected individuals, from which I have learned a considerable amount. Outside of Work and gaming, I have not neglected my other interests; I am well-travelled having visited a significant portion of Europe and America, and enjoy learning about other cultures, cities and climates. Furthermore as a snowboarder enthusiast, I’ve visited Canada many times and it remains one of my favourite pastimes.


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